Today the education sector promotes the internationalization of scientific cooperation in studying, teaching and research. Leading universities and educational institutions have realized that international activities are not just good manners anymore. Professional activities abroad during studies / training enrich the education immensely and are the best way to explicitly distinguish a person in the market from his competitors. In the best universities and recognized educational institutions so internships have become an integral part of the courses / teaching. These institutions offer their students at an early stage to create their professional future, not only active - also internationally.

Many companies expand globally and select their staff for professional and managerial work more and more about mobility, even after properties such as multilingualism, intercultural competence, independence, flexibility, and International. Not only the world market leaders have international interest and ideas, also the small and medium-sized enterprises are already on their way to recruit about professional trainings their future human capital. Hotels have to deal with international clients, that means in hospitality your students do not earn only professional experience, they are getting also intercultural competence, experience abroad and have the chance to grow up their language skills and our internships abroad are suitable for students of the fields hospitality, food & beverages, restaurant, tourism, business, international management, languages, communication, education, sports, health or a thematically related area?

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Hotel Manager Europe support your students / graduates with his many years of experience in working with the international academic community and international partners in various areas in search of an on the content of training suitable paid internship (obligatory internships) or hotel job. We facilitate and support the process in finding a professional internship, so your students can focus on their core competencies – their studies. To get the maximum benefit from an internship, it is always advisable to opt for a longer period. This is especially important for those students who are planning their future careers abroad or even in his internship company. In order to complete a quality internship, we always recommend to apply as early as possible. This, of course, does not exclude the maintenance of a professional internship with a short preparation time.

As part of the project to promote international mobility Hotel Manager Europe currently maintains contacts with more than 200 European universities and educational institutions. The agency is only acting with explicitly selected partner companies of hospitality and gastronomy in Europe, which meet the practical content of teaching and contractual requirements of the universities and education companies, ensure the positive development of your students. The agreements with the colleges / training companies and our partner companies are examined by our specialist consultants. Thereafter, the contract documents be signed by all parties. On completion of the internship on request a working proof must be created by the employer. Did you offer your pupils / students / graduates the opportunity to take of funding for EU education programs, and there were often difficulties find an eligible international internship? Our partner companies recognize and sign the forms which are necessary for the educational institutions to get the benefits from DAAD and Erasmus+ programs.

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